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5 Basement Refinishing Tips You Need to Know

Basement Refinishing

Like most people, your basement is likely where you keep your stuffy old boxes and assorted junk that doesn’t have a real place in your house. However, a dedicated basement refinishing project can clean up and refurbish your basement or even turn it into your home’s new hangout spot. Here at FS Builders, we offer extensive professional experience in basement refinishing projects. Before starting yours, here are five essential tips to keep in mind!

Keep the Basement Dry

First off, it’s important to keep your basement dry and check for any water issues that could complicate your refinishing project. Look closely for any drips, small pools of water, or foundation cracks before starting your project, and address them right away before they become serious issues later on.

Get Any Permits Squared Away

After drawing up your refinishing plans, check carefully with your government to see if your project requires any permits. Electrical work and plumbing, in particular, often require special permits before starting.

Keep the Cold Out

It’s no secret that Wisconsin’s falls and winters can get chilly! Keep out the cold with insulation, which in turn also offers another layer of moisture control and sound dampening. Insulation with a vapor barrier on both sides generally works best.

Warm Up Your Baseboards

Installing heating vents at the ground level can keep your basement warm throughout the year. Take a close look at your HVAC system to see if baseboard heating is doable for your basement.

Touch Up Your Ceilings and Lighting

Drop ceilings are a great way to conceal electrical and plumbing lines, but they also provide easy access to them if needed. For lights, consider recessed lighting, as it takes up less space than light fixtures and is also surprisingly economical.

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