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Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends

The kitchen is a happening place in almost any home. From log homes to the modern condo, people tend to congregate, eat, talk, laugh, and share in the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen is often the first space people want to remodel. If you’re looking for trends in kitchen remodeling that have made a splash in the last year, check out these top kitchen-remodeling ideas.

1. Go gray.

Neutrals have a way of standing the test of time, and the current neutral that’s popular in kitchen remodeling is gray. Many homeowners are opting for gray cabinets, backsplash tile, or even wall color in lieu of (or paired with) whites, beiges, and other popular neutrals of past years.

2. Surprise with unexpected pops of color.

Many homeowners are choosing to use small pops of color in unexpected places. You may want to consider a colorful blue or green porcelain sink instead of the more traditional stainless steel or white drop-in sink. You can also bring in some color by painting your lower cabinets a different color than your uppers or by choosing a custom, colorful oven.

3. Don’t downplay storage.

You can find so many unique and functional storage options for kitchen these days: drawers crafted for those pesky pan lids or pantries designed for optimal organization. When kitchen remodeling, be sure to dedicate a large portion of your kitchen design to maximizing storage.

4. Choose professional appliances.

If you spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, you may want to skip the generic appliances and go straight for the professional, commercial-grade options. You can use kitchen remodeling as an excuse for turning your space into the chef’s kitchen you’ve always wanted.

5. Don’t choose just one countertop material.

Kitchen designers have seen a rise in mixed countertop materials. You may see a beautiful quartz countertop paired with a natural wood choice, giving your kitchen a very warm and earthy feel.

Do these kitchen-remodeling ideas have you itching to get started on your own kitchen makeover? Schedule a free consultation and estimate with the professionals at FS Builders, and move from dreaming about remodeling your kitchen to getting plans in motion. FS Builders is a Wisconsin home-improvement company that specializes in kitchen remodeling as well as bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, and more.

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