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Log Home Restoration & Maintenance

Log homes are beautiful, but they take a considerable amount of maintenance to stay in prime condition. From finishing to corn cob blasting to chinking and repair, FS Builders has experience with all areas of log home maintenance for homes in Wisconsin and Illinois. Get a free estimate by calling (262) 278-0950 and get your log home looking just like new again.

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Log Home Corn Blasting

If you’ve bought a neglected log home or realized that your previous log home builder applied an inferior stain, your home may require corn blasting to restore it to its desired condition. This dry method uses a mixture of highly compressed air and a fine-grade corn cob medium to remove the existing coating or rot on logs, stripping them down to the bare wood. Since corn cob blasting media is dry, your logs will be ready for refinishing right away; while with other blasting methods, you’d have to wait . It’s also a chemical-free method, which is healthier for your landscaping than other log home restoration methods.

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Maintaining a log home is a full-time job. You have to make sure it doesn’t succumb to the elements while simultaneously ensuring that the finish stays in top condition. It’s a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be when you use the log home restoration services of FS Builders. We have decades of experience restoring log homes to like-new condition. Recieve a free estimate by calling (262) 278-0950 or for information on our log home maintenance services in Wisconsin and Illinois.

High-Quality Finishing for Your Log Home

Choosing the correct finish is an important aspect of making sure your home stays in perfect shape for years to come. Many choices of stain are available, but it’s important to ensure that you choose a stain that allows breathability, as a “breathable” stain will help prevent log rot. A high-quality log cabin stain will also expand and contract with the logs in your home as they change throughout the season. At FS Builders, we use log home stains by Perma-Chink Systems, the leading provider of log home chinking and sealant. Using superior products like Perma-Chink finishes can help reduce future maintenance costs.

Building your log home is just the first step. Hiring FS Builders to take care of all your log cabin maintenance will ensure that your home stays in perfect condition for years to come. In addition to log home restoration in Wisconsin and Illinois, FS Builders offers home remodeling, including kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, and deck building in Kenosha and Salem, WI. We have the tools, attitude, and experience to get the job done right — get a free estimate today and an on-site analysis by calling (262) 278-0950.