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5 Reasons to Build a Log Home

Reasons to Build a Log Cabin in Wisconsin

Rustic charm isn’t reserved for historic homes anymore. In fact, modern home decor and architecture is heavily influenced by the rustic style. If you’re looking to build a new home, why not take the countryside look to a whole new level? As seasoned log home builders serving Wisconsin, we at FS Builders share the best reasons why homeowners should look towards the log-cabin lifestyle.

1) Get Better Aesthetics

With log homes, you can get those “wow factors” in a home that’ll impress your guests. From exposed ridgepoles to vaulted ceilings, the aesthetics of a log cabin outshine the average home.

2) Amp up the Coziness

The natural wood of a log home invokes a warm and inviting atmosphere. The natural property of the logs also helps regulate temperatures all seasons, radiating the sun’s energy from the day into the home throughout the evening.

3) Showcase Personality

While traditional homes often use the same type of materials for every home, the features of timber homes can be customized to your liking. Because each log is handpicked and selected, you can determine the type of character you want for the interior and exterior.

4) Go with Handcrafted

Traditional homes also tend to follow the same cookie-cutter template with limited options for extra details. Log cabin building is typically handcrafted, meaning you can work with the craftsmen to create unique add-ons, such as custom staircases, benches, and other word work.

5) Withstand Weather & Time

Log homes are truly built to last. From having to endure various weather extremes, wooden structures can withstand a lot without having any impact on the condition of the home.

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