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5 Design Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to remodel the bathroom in your Kenosha home, but you’re lacking a little inspiration? Don’t sweat it. FS Builders—a Wisconsin home improvement expert—has some bathroom remodeling design tips to get you started.

bathroom remodel

1. Pick a theme!

The bathroom is a great place to create a getaway. You can easily pick a theme or a destination to serve as inspiration for your oasis. If you took a trip to Hawaii and now dream of returning, use your vacation photos to pick a color scheme or use mementos from your trip to decorate!

2. Create an escape.

Your bathroom can be a place where you retreat at the end of a long day. How do you like to unwind? Do you like a long soak in the bath? Or maybe you want soft lighting and a hot steam? Incorporate these elements into your bathroom remodel.

3. Use the past.

Do you have an old picture of your childhood home? Or maybe you have an antique dresser from your grandma’s house that you inherited? Find a way to incorporate these items of sentimental value into your home improvement plans. For example, can you repurpose the old dresser into a bathroom vanity? Try to think outside the box.

4. Go with glass.

If you’re working with a small bathroom space or you just want an open feel, choose a frameless glass shower door instead of a shower curtain or opaque glass options. Frameless glass is a popular choice for smaller bathroom remodeling projects.

5. Let the light shine.

In your bathroom remodeling plans, don’t forget to think about lighting. What type of lighting or light fixtures do you prefer? Would you like to find more ways to let in natural light by either enlarging a window or installing a skylight?

The Kenosha home improvement team at FS Builders will be glad to talk to you about these and other design ideas for your bathroom remodel. Contact us today at (262) 818-8802 to schedule a free consultation.

photo credit: UrbaneApts / One Bedroom / Fairmont via photopin (license)

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