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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Log Home

WI Log Home MaintenanceYou’ve dreamt about having a log home for a long time. Finally, you’ve been able to find just the right cabin in the perfect Wisconsin woods setting. You look around at your log home—the fireplace, the cozy atmosphere, the inviting front porch—and you think, “I’ve got it good.” At FS Builders, we couldn’t agree more.

We love log homes so much that we’ve made a business out of it. Daily, we work with customers to build, maintain, and restore cabins just like yours. However, to keep your home looking as great as it does right now, it does take some love and care. Therefore, here are three log-home-maintenance tips from our expert team to you.

1. Get an expert opinion.

When you bought your home, you likely had a home inspection that assessed the overall structure, systems, and condition of the property. However, we recommend that you also have one of our log home professionals come to your home for an evaluation. Let us look at the condition of the wood and check out the quality of stain and finish you currently have. That way, you know what your home might need currently and in the future.

2. Keep an eye on problem areas.

Often, certain parts of a log home can be more susceptible to damage due to its exposure to the elements, proximity to water, and so on. If you know a part of your home might tend to wear faster, check on it regularly so you can be proactive with repairs.

3. Invest in quality restoration materials.

Not all stains and finishes are created equal. When it’s time to restore your log home, be sure to choose methods that are best for your cabin in the long run. At FS Builders, we recommend a combination of corn cob blasting along with high-quality Perma-Chink Systems stains and finishes. You won’t be sad when you choose these proven methods because they are more durable and will better protect your log home.

To find out more about how to maintain your log home, contact FS Builders of Wisconsin today at (262) 843-4496.

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