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Top 3 FAQs About Log Home Corn Blasting

Serving the entire state of Wisconsin, we at FS Builders have seen our fair share of log cabin restoration projects. With our decades of experience, we’ve advised countless cabin owners on the best log home restoration services. Corn cob blasting is a transformative process that completely refinishes the exterior of a log cabin. Here are the top three frequently asked questions about the process.

Log Home Corn Blasting in Wisconsin

1) What are the advantages of corn cob blasting?

Compared to other log home restoration methods, corn cob blasting has these benefits:

  • The corn blasting media is dry, so your logs will have no downtime before getting refinished.
  • The method is chemical-free, so it’s healthier for your landscape than other log home restoration processes.
  • It’s also dust-free, biodegradable, and cost-effective.

2) How do you determine if corn blasting is right for my log home?

With five different grit sizes ranging from extra fine to extra course, corn blasting can be customized based on the condition of the wood logs. Our restoration experts will select the grit size and amount needed for the surface area of your log home.

3) Can I do corn blasting on my own log cabin?

Corn blasting should be done with professional equipment. OSHA-approved protective gear, such as a special hood and air intake system are required. Not only is it a matter of equipment, but it is also a matter of skill. Someone with little experience may fixate on one particular area for too long that it eats through the log. Simply put: Avoid corn blasting as a DIY project, and hire a professional for the job.

Corn blasting can clear your cabin of rot and outdated stains. If you’re in need of a log cabin restoration in Wisconsin, contact FS Builders at (262) 843-4496.

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