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Unifying Your Great Room

Building a log home is only half the fun—you also get to decorate your new house. Sometimes, though, it can seem a little overwhelming to start decorating a new space. To help you out, we’ve put together a few tips for decorating your log home’s living room or great room.

  • Consider your logs: If you have exposed beams in your great room, make use of them! Design your furniture placement, fireplace, lighting, and other features by incorporating any structural logs that might take up space in your room into the design. You can suspend a light or two from the high-up ceiling beams easily. Alternately, ask your log home builder about using similar wood for your room’s other features. Could you build a coffee table or built-in bookshelf from your extra logs? It’s definitely worth looking into.
  • Leather and natural colors: Leather always looks good in a log home. Something about the combination of weathered old leather merges perfectly with the exposed beams and wilderness aesthetic of a log home. If you choose your leather furniture carefully, you’ll end up with a beautiful piece that will only improve with time. Accent the rest of your room with natural-looking colors. Deep forest greens, maroons, and dark blues all suit a log home perfectly.
  • Add a few consistent details: Especially if your log home’s main room includes the living room, kitchen, and dining room in traditional great room style, it’s important to make sure that your decorating stays consistent across all three spaces. This will help to unify your rooms. Consider picking a specific pattern and using it as an accent in multiple places—Native American-inspired patterns look right at home in a log house, as do southwestern patterns. You can also use a specific color to do the same thing—try using the same color for curtains and cushions throughout the space.

If you’re thinking of building a log home or your log home needs maintenance, contact FS Builders at (262) 843-4496 today. We provide log home building and log home maintenance services to homeowners in Salem and Kenosha, Wisconsin, in addition to our deck building services. You won’t find a better log home builder in Wisconsin or Illinois!

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