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Salem Home Improvement: Prepare Your House for Spring

Winter is finally starting to retreat to its ice-covered layer in the North Pole, and people all over the country are rejoicing. Chances are your house took quite a beating during Jack Frost’s latest visit. Today we have some Salem home improvement tips to help you clean up your home and make sure it’s ready for the warmer months that lie ahead.

Below are some helpful tips for getting your house spring-ready from the Salem home improvement professionals of FS Builders.

Windows and Doors: Your windows and doors were working overtime all winter long, making sure that your family was safely guarded from high winds and bitter cold. They could have taken on substantial damage from winter’s destructive power. When the last of the snow finally melts away, make sure to inspect the interior and exterior of your home’s windows and doors. Repairing small issues like cracks and chips now can prevent shelling out money for door or window replacement down the road.

Inspect the Deck: You’re going to need your deck for the upcoming warmer months. Rough winter weather and the chemicals used to melt away ice and snow on walkways can put stress and wear on your deck. Inspect your deck for signs of damage, and take care of repairs now before small issues turn into major structural problems.

Rooftop Checkup: Whether it was from freezing rain, snow accumulation, or reindeer hooves, your roof took quite a beating throughout winter. Before the rainy days of spring are in full swing, check your roof for loose shingles, signs of sagging, or other telltale signs of damage. If you do find problems, call a professional roofer or home improvement company to handle the repairs for you. It will end up costing a lot more if you attempt a roofing repair yourself (without proper training) and could end up causing even more damage.

Hopefully we’ve been able to give you a little insight into how you can spruce up your house for spring and help it recover from the harsh winter. For Salem home improvement tips and services all year round, you can always count on FS Builders. Contact us today at (262) 843-4496 to find out how we can turn your house into the dream home you deserve.

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