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Expand the Space in Your Small Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most heavily trafficked parts of the house and, if not properly maintained, can quickly become a chaotic mess. With a smaller-sized bathroom, the clutter can build at an alarming rate. Along with bathroom remodeling in Kenosha, there are several ways you can create a more expansive atmosphere in your small bathroom. Today we’ll discuss just a few.

Below are some tips to make your pint-sized powder room seem more spacious from FS Builders – the name to trust for bathroom remodeling in Kenosha.

Shine a Light: Natural light can work wonders for making a room feel bigger. Make use of any windows or skylights in your Kenosha bathroom. Bathing the room in sunlight can make it seem more expansive, as well as raise the spirits of people who use the bathroom. You can also strategically place mirrors in the bathroom to spread the sunlight into areas that would normally be left in the dark.

Choose Color Wisely: During your next bathroom remodeling project, choose the paint colors for your walls wisely. Pale yellows and pinks, as well as classic white, are ideal colors for a small bathroom. These colors simulate sunlight without drawing the walls closer together and making the space feel cramped and uncomfortable. Stay away from dark colors altogether if you want to avoid feeling trapped every time you step inside the bathroom.

Clever Storage Solutions: A great way to deal with clutter in the bathroom is to make use of any neglected, negative space. By utilizing underused areas like above the bathroom door, behind medicine cabinet mirrors, or above the toilet, you can create an organized, easy to navigate atmosphere. It’s also wise to throw out any beauty or grooming supplies that haven’t been used in the last three months. Clutter is your worst enemy when trying to tame a tiny bathroom space.

If the size of your bathroom is making you feel claustrophobic every time you step inside, use these tips to create a more expansive, inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want to just start from scratch and create a brand new bathroom unique to you, contact FS Builders today at (262) 843-4496. As one of the most trusted names for quality bathroom remodeling in Kenosha, we’ll be more than happy to put our capable hands to work for you.

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