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3 Tips for Building the Log Home of Your Dreams

Have you been fantasizing about your log cabin in the woods for years? Is this the year that you take the plunge and begin to make your dream a reality? We at FS Builders love when our customers are beyond excited to get started building their new log homes. However, before you get started, here are a few tips.

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1. Set your budget early on.

You want your log home to be the actualization of your dreams. However, you want to be able to afford your cabin for years to come. Before making too many plans, set a budget that allows you flexibility to include special features but also won’t leave you in debt up to your ears for years to come.

2. Research ongoing log home maintenance.

At FS Builders, we want to make sure our customers understand all the nuances of owning a log home. You see, log homes require some maintenance that traditional homes do not. This maintenance ensures that your home does not suffer adverse effects from the changing seasons. When we build your log home, we make sure you know what it takes to keep your home in top condition and even offer log home restoration services.

3. Choose a quality log home builder.

You want to choose a log home builder who can help you realize your dreams rather than build you a cookie-cutter cabin. At FS Builders, we do our best to incorporate your ideas into the log home design—building you a custom log home that fits you and your needs. Just check out what satisfied customers are saying about their log homes from FS Builders.

Do you have additional questions about building a log home? Contact FS Builders of Wisconsin at (262) 843-4496. Our staff will be glad to answer your questions or schedule a consultation to begin dreaming together about your WI log home.

photo credit: the Johns via photopin (license)

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