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Winter Survival Tips

It won’t be long before the first big snow storm hits the Wisconsin & Illinois area to officially kick off the winter season! Instead of winter hitting you unprepared this year, take a little time to prepare for the season ahead of us! Here are some tips to follow to ensure Mother Nature won’t take you by surprise this season.

Winter Survival Tips

  1. If you travel much in the winter, you really should put together a survival kit for your car. You will be thankful you prepared a survival kit if you get stuck this winter. The kit should contain necessities such as food, water, gloves and a blanket.
  2. We suggest you buy an electrical generator. If your area is prone to losing power, buy a generator now. Don’t wait until the big storm hits to run out to the store to purchase one, as chances are you won’t be able to find a generator when you need one!
  3. The last thing you need is a nasty fall on a slick driveway or sidewalk this winter, so stock up on salt or de-icer. If you’re stocked up on these supplies, you’ll be ready for the icy conditions when they arrive this season.
  4.  Schedule your snow plowing service now with your Wisconsin or Illinois snow plowing professional. Don’t wait until late in the season to sign up for your snow plowing. Early-season customers often get faster service. This snow shoveling service is a necessity if you are a first responder or a doctor to ensure you’re never unable to leave your residence. Get on the list soon.
  5. Don’t start the winter season with your gutters filled with leaves. Clean out your gutters now before it causes big problems when snow and ice hits. Clean them out now to avoid problems later.
  6. Buy a bag of cat litter to keep in the truck or back of your car. You may not have a cat, but if you find yourself stuck in a drift left by the snow plow that just went by, you’ll be thankful you have that bag of kitty litter to help you get some traction in the snow.
  7. Finally, we suggest you stock up on flu medication, soups, and hot tea. It’s nice to have what you need in the house when sickness hits so you don’t have to run out when you’re not feeling well.

Being prepared will help you survive—and thrive—during this winter season. To make sure you’re fully prepared for this upcoming season, contact FS Builders today at 262-843-4496 to arrange a free consultation and estimate for your snow plowinglog home buildinglog home restorationhome remodelingsteel buildings, or deck building needs!

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