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Log Home Maintenance Inspections

Log homes are a rapid growing trend in modern home building. If you are moving or contracting a log home builder, it is important to consider the log home maintenance and upkeep requirements. Remaining on schedule with log home maintenance is important because of the logs themselves.

Logs which are machine-milled, hand-hewn, flat-faced, or beams all share a common characteristic. Whether they have been air dried or dried in a kiln, will all expand and contract along with changes in the temperature and humidity. This expanding and contracting can cause the logs to warp and twist, causing joints to pull apart, sealants to fail and caulking to come lose.

Like the domino effect, these conditions can leave your log home at risk for developing further problems, such as though discussed below, if they are not found and fixed.

Problems And The Effects

Water Infiltration

One problem that can occur from joint, sealant and caulking issues is that water has a pathway into the logs and/or your home. This can lead to mold and mildew problems, staining of the logs, and worst of all, wood rot.

Air Infiltration

When outside air has easy access to your log home it causes problem like reducing your energy efficiency. This not only will cause you to be uncomfortable but also cause a spike in your utility bills.


Insects can damage the logs and infest your home.

Regular Log Home Maintenance

One of the best ways to prevent these problems is by performing regular log home maintenance. Here are a few inspections you can perform on your home today.

  • Walk around your home, inspecting it for any problems or potential problems.
  • Examine the logs carefully for mildew.
  • Look on the logs, siding and ground for evidence of sawdust or insect holes.
  • Check trim, corners, log seams, vents and butt joints to be sure caulking is in good shape.
  • Test the log finish by spraying water on the logs making sure it runs off, not absorb.

Performing these log home maintenance inspections every couple months will ensure your log home stays in excellent condition. If you find yourself in need of professional log home maintenance or log home restoration, contact FS Builders. We also offer log home construction, as well as being your  Illinois and Wisconsin professional deck builders and steel buildings. Call 262-496-7361 for all of your residential and small commercial business construction needs.

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