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Log Home Décor

Even if you don’t live in a log home, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a log cabin feel in your current house. There are several different ways you could go about decorating your home for a more log home feel. Applying one or all of these tips to your home can reach the relaxing and rustic feel of a log cabin you’ve been dreaming about.

Before you begin any work it is important to check two things. First is to make sure the area you’re working in is a dry space. If you notice a moist feeling or musty smell you may have mold. Second, make sure your walls are plumb. If the walls are bowed or are out of plumb, you’ll need to build a stud wall in front of the masonry wall. Both areas can be taken care of by a log home builder or other home improvement specialist.

Log Cabin Elements

  • Natural wood flooring and wooden beam ceilings typified this log home style.
  • Massive stone fireplaces with carved wooden mantles adorn many log cabin rooms.
  • Mounted animal trophies can be displayed on the walls
  • Natural materials can be used to cover and adorn the furniture, walls and floors.
  • Leather, wool, wrought iron, stone, and of course bark, branches and logs from trees are often used.
  • Couches, chairs and beds can be constructed from logs and twigs.
  • Common decorating colors reflect those colors found in nature: rust, moss green, and shades of brown and green.

If you are still unhappy with your everyday suburbia home, why not tear it down and rebuild a custom-built log home? A log home in Wisconsin is the perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere in any city.

If you do decide to build a log home keep in mind these importance maintenance needs. You must caulk and seal regularly, logs will tend to crack and check over time. This is normal and does not affect the strength or integrity of the logs used as your house’s structure. Also make sure you upkeep with staining. To check whether or not you need to re-stain spray water on your home, if it beads up and runs down the stain is still in great condition.

When you live in a Illinois log home, you are surrounded by the raw beauty of nature in every room of your house. The simplicity and serenity of a log home in Wisconsin can’t help but spill over into other areas of your life. FS Builders is the log home builder who specializes in taking your plans and dreams and bringing them to a breathtaking reality in a home or outbuilding that will bring you pleasure and service for a lifetime.

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