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Benefits of Building a Log Home

More and more people are choosing to build log homes and log cabins in many parts of the country due to the many advantages of log home building and living. This return to the rustic style of the American frontier may seem strange to some, but there are several reasons why Illinois homeowners are choosing to invest in a log home.

Environmentally Friendly: Log home builders use salvage timber, which makes log homes even more eco-friendly than you might expect. Salvage trees are dead trees that are either standing or fallen, and they are then selectively harvested from publicly or privately owned land. Using these trees can help reduce the risk of future forest fires and is an essential part of good forest management.

Naturally Efficient: Since the walls of a log home are made of solid wood, there’s no need to add insulation—the wood itself naturally insulates the home’s interior. The home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing your electrical bill.

Safety: Log cabins have been shown to consistently outperform stick-frame houses in a variety of natural disasters. Since the walls of log homes are much thicker than those of stick- frame houses, it’s far more difficult for them to collapse in a fire—even if a log home is burnt inside and out, it often retains its structural integrity. There are multiple stories of log homes surviving tornadoes that decimated all the other homes in the area, and these sturdy structures also do incredibly well in earthquakes.

Looks and Value: Filled with the rustic charm of the American frontier, a log home is the perfect choice for homeowners who want their home to have character. High, vaulted ceilings and modern amenities create the perfect balance between old and new, the traditional and the contemporary. These buildings, if given proper log home maintenance, can only increase in value as time goes by. Additionally, the cost of building a log home can often be lower than the cost of building a stick-frame home, due to the lower prices of salvaged wood.

Whether you want to build a simple cabin or a palatial lodge, FS Builders will work with you to create a beautiful structure that will last for decades. In addition to our work as log home builders, we’re also skilled deck builders, and have many years of expertise in log home maintenance. If you’re considering building a log home, contact us today at262-843-4496 to find out more about our services across Wisconsin and Illinois.

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