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What, Exactly, is “Corn Blasting”?

Unless you’ve been a log homeowner for a while, you may have no idea what corn blasting is and why it’s important for the care of your log home. Don’t worry—you’re not alone. We at FS Builders of Wisconsin get many calls and questions about this log-home-restoration technique. Here’s what you need to know about corn blasting, in relation to your log home.

What is corn blasting?

Are you picturing people with potato guns shooting corn cobs at the side of your house? While corn cobs are involved, the process is actually much more refined. Using a mixture of highly compressed air and fine-grain corncob medium, corn blasting professionals strip down the stain or exterior rot from your log home. Corn blasting is a dry, chemical-free method of log-home stripping. Plus, as soon as the corn blasting is complete, your home is ready to be refinished.

Check out this video that shows corn blasting in progress.

Why is corn blasting necessary?

If you recently bought a log home that isn’t in the best shape, corn blasting can help remove exterior rot or other defects. Or maybe you aren’t happy with the current stain or finish on your log home. Corn blasting can help you begin again, giving your log home a blank slate for you to apply the proper stain.

How do I find a corn-blasting professional?

If you’re a Wisconsin resident, give the log-home experts at FS Builders a call at (262) 843-4496. We have years of experience building log homes and restoring log homes in Wisconsin. Our corn blasting method is safe, effective, and will certainly improve the condition of your log home.

You can give us a call to ask a question or get a home, or you can also feel free to fill out our online contact form.




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