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Log Home Layouts And Attributes

In recent remodeling trends, house designers have found that homeowners are looking for layouts with a casual, relaxed style that is often found in log homesLog homes usually have a very open and clean design, and are often decorated with earth tones and practical furniture. If you’re not used to living in, and arranging a wide-open space, log home decor may be challenging.

Log Home Building: The Great Room

One of the most common attributes log home builders incorporate into their designs is a great room. A great room is usually located on the main floor, and it merges into the dining room, kitchen, and living room. This space is often built with soaring or vaulted ceilings. It may also include a magnificent architectural element of a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, or lofts and catwalks in a second story.

This layout can pose a challenge to those who are arranging the space to make it stylish and functional for day-to-day living. When you don’t have walls designating each of the separate living areas, you need to create these areas with groupings of furniture. The overall flow of the space between your groupings becomes critically important.

When decorating the great room, it is important to picture how the space will be used. Take into account your daily patterns of work and rest, as well as the space any guests will be using. Then arrange the furniture accordingly. If you foresee frequent trips from the living room space to the kitchen, then arrange your largest pieces of furniture so that they are out of the main flow of traffic. You don’t want to put your overstuffed couch in a place where you constantly have to walk around it on your way to the kitchen.

This doesn’t mean you should organize all your furniture against the walls of your log home. Log home builders usually recommend you arrange furniture in the middle of the room. This layout creates a comfortable and natural feel in your home. Just remember to position the larger pieces of furniture off to the side so they don’t block the flow from space to space.

If you have decided you want the relaxing and open feel that is associated with living in a log home, contact FS Builders. FS Builders can help you design a custom-built log home in Illinois and Wisconsin that fits all your wants and needs. Call 262-843-4496 today and make an appointment to design your new log home.

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