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Log Home Landscapes

Log homes are a growing trend spreading across the country, living stressful lives leaves people yearning for the serenity of their childhood log cabin. If you are one of the people that know that feeling and have already transferred your suburban home into a luxurious inner-city log home, you may be wondering how to extend this feeling outside of the log walls. Not only does landscaping your property give you a more peaceful surrounding it also helps your log home blend into its surroundings.

  • Gardens: Regardless of your living structure every home should have a garden. It is particularly beneficial if you live in a log home. Whether you have one small raised bed or you plant a large garden, growing some of your own food is healthy and economical.
  • No Chemicals: Perfect lawns are rarely found in natural settings. Using a host of chemicals and fertilizers isn’t good for the ecosystem. Let your yard go more natural. Plant flowers and greenery that are native to the area and that won’t require so much maintenance.
  • Decks: Bring your eating, cooking, reading, homework, entertainment outside with a deck or patio addition. Make use of the beautiful setting of your home and use it for relaxing and entertaining. Use natural building materials such as logs and stones. Consider adding a stone fireplace for outdoor cooking and parties. The highly skilled log home builder, FS Builders would be happy to help your family design the perfect deck for all their needs.
  • Recycle: Incorporate as many natural materials as possible into your hardscaping projects. Use rustic material for fencing, rocks from your property to create a rock garden or to line a garden or path and install a wooden swing set instead of a metal one. If you decide you would like to build a deck use recycle wood and building supplies.
  • Wildlife: We don’t mean leave food in your backyard to attract bears and mountain lions. Try to attract birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects to your backyard by creating habitats for them.

If you are one of the lucky families that get to spend their days living in a luxurious log cabin, why not bring that feeling outside and transfer your entire property into a relaxing and surreal piece of land. If you decide deck building is one of the many ways you can do this contact the general contractors at FS Builders. Our experience in log home construction and log home restoration may us a perfect assistant in any of your log home projects. Call us today at262-843-4496 to learn more about any of our services or to discuss what we can do for your Illinois or Wisconsin home.

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