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Log Home Building Options

Wisconsin housing trend that has been sweeping the nation is log cabin homes. Most of us are drawn to the beauty of a log home nestled in a wooded setting, and have perhaps dreamed about living in one. If you’re considering building a log home, you have a few options on how to proceed.

Three Types Of Log Homes

  • Handcrafted log homes: Handcrafting log homes is an art form and uses many of the same practices that the early Americans used years ago. Much of the work is still done by hand. Log smiths carefully select trees, and cut and shape the logs so that each log fits perfectly on top of the one before it. These logs retain much of the characteristics that the tree once had and often look more rustic than milled logs. Log home builders will tell you that handcrafted log homes are generally more expensive than milled homes because of the amount of labor involved.
  • Milled log homes: Milled log homes are produced through an automated manufacturer. A milled log is put through a sawmill, a lathe or a planer. It is cut to a specific shape or profile. All of the logs in a milled log home will be uniform in size. Milled logs can be manufactured to allow for several different corner styles and log lengths.
  • Faux log homes: If you love the look of a log cabin, you may want to consider creating a log cabin look from siding. Log siding emulates the look of log homes without being made completely of logs. With this option, log siding is combined with conventional stud framing and insulation. It has become a popular option over the last several years.

Whichever option you decide upon will depend on your budget and time frame. Meet with a reputable log home builder, like those at FS Builders, to discuss your options as to what would work best for you, your budget, your time requirements, and your available land.

FS Builders has crafted beautiful, solid-oak log homes using materials supplied by Gastineau Log homes, as well as beautiful custom pine and cedar log homes using materials supplied by Wilderness Log and Timber Company. Additionally, we have completed many other projects using materials from several other mills around the country, and we would be glad to discuss types and home styles with you. Call us at 262-843-4496 today.

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