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Bathroom Decorating with Your WI Log Home Builder, Part 1

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your log home. We spend about a year and a half (or more for some) of our lives in the bathroom, so why not transform it from a utilitarian space into the crown jewel of your house with these tips from your local WI log home builder?

Here at FS Builders, your experienced log home builder in Kenosha, WI, we’ve come up with some tips to help make you happy to spend a year and a half of your life in your log home’s bathroom.

Color: Log home décor tends to be on the darker side. The rich, rustic tones that come with log home living are gorgeous and incomparable, but can leave a bathroom, especially a small bathroom, feeling cramped. Open up the space in your bathroom with lighter tones and a unified color theme that includes trim, accessories like towels and artwork, and fixtures.

Flooring: Wood tends to absorb light instead of reflecting it, and because most wood is dark in color, it can also add to the cramped feeling we discussed in the ‘color’ section. Using reflective tile flooring in your Wisconsin bathroom instead of wood can help expand the space and give it a more open feel.

Add Life: Because of its natural, woodsy aesthetic, your log home already has that spark of life. Why not add to that touch of nature in the bathroom by adding in some plant life or a stylish fish bowl? Be sure that the colors of your plants or fish are in line with your color scheme, and your log home’s bathroom will look like it just jumped off the page of a home improvement magazine!

If you’re thinking of building a log home or are in need of log home restoration, call FS Builders, the trusted WI log home builder. We provide log home building and log home maintenance services to homeowners in Salem and Kenosha, Wisconsin and we offer deck building services as well. Contact FS Builders at (262) 843-4496 today, and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

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